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iPhone 5 Case Otterbox

At this time of year, many people will be on the receiving end of a brand new sparkling iPhone 5, and most will desperately want to keep it in the immaculate pristine form that it’s in when it comes out the box. For this, you are obviously going to need the best case for the iPhone 5 and luckily, there’s now a pretty comprehensive selection to choose from.

Speck are one of the biggest producers of iPhone cases and the CandyShell line of cases are the flagship series of cases for the iPhone 5.  They are very reasonable in price ($30-$40) and are hard-shell, polycarbonate on the outside, with a rubber cushioned interior to keep your iPhone 5 safe.  The CandyShell Satin is also highly recommended as it has a softer two-tone exterior for a tacky grip. The company also does other cases in the form of the PixelSkin HD case which has a great thin profile and is also pretty tacky and easy to hold on to.

Otterbox are another popular iPhone case maker and the Otterbox Defender series is the primary choice for many iPhone users.  These cases are a little more expensive (starting around $49) but they are high quality, high performance cases that are designed to protect against many of the harder accidents and challenges that your iPhone 5 will encounter.  The high precision rubber interior creates a tight seal with the iPhone keeping it safely locked in and protected, and the rubber outer layer creates an easy grip surface.

Finally, InCase does a series of highly varied iPhone 5 cases, although the popular and simple InCase Slider Case does a brisk trade.  This two piece hardshell case clips together and the bottom can be easily removed to allow access for charging devices other than the simple Lightning connector cable.  Unfortunately, this case can also slip apart when you pull it out your jeans pocket, a tendency that appeared when Apple moved to the squarer iPhone 4 design.  Still, the Slider case does offer tremendous protection and is thin enough that you barely notice it.

At least you have a choice if you don’t want to go nude with your iPhone.

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  • shink

    Used Speck cases on my iPhone family since 2008. CandyShell Grip is the best!

  • Bob

    There is no need for a case with the 5.

    • JimD

      That’s a blanket statement based on your assumption/opinion, which is worth precisely nothing to everyone else on the planet.

  • GadgetB1

    Lifeproof Fre’ Case excellent protection without being thick. Pricy though @ $79.99 but worth it IMO

  • MFD

    Incipio Dual PRO for iPhone 5 is also a nice case for reasonable $13.33 @ Amazon