Rumor: Apple TV Products To Be Shown Off Next Month

Netflix On Apple TV
Apple is apparently in the process of testing designs for a new television set, and the displays that are being examined are in the rather large 46-55 inch size range. The report comes from the Taiwanese Central News Agency who are saying that Apple’s partner in display manufacturing, Foxconn, is the one that is leading the display testing. Notably the report also suggests that the shipments of any new Apple television would be unlikely to take place before the end of 2013 so it would appear that 2014 would be the earliest that such a device would be seen.

With the report suggesting that the 46-55 inch screen size is being looked at to allow maximum flexibility in sourcing screen components, it will be interesting to see what the base model of such a device would be priced at. However, the report also suggests that ‘Apple TV related products’ could be shown off at the CES trade show in Vegas next month, so you can take the veracity of this rumor based on that alone.


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  • lucascott

    There may be something shown but it could be a souped up set top box and some snazzy new content in the store. NOT a TV

    Unless perhaps by ‘TV’ they mean a better and bigger Cinema Display that has HDMI and they launch it with the new Mac Pro

  • Tom Roehl

    Show off an Apple TV publicly? No way! Private showing to key content owners and industry insiders under heavy NDA? Very possibly…