Apple Store Is Now Offering Free Next Day Shipping In USA

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Apple has just updated their online store in the US to offer free next day shipping on everything in the Store in order that folks buying Apple gear can manage to get it in time for Christmas. The next day shipping is, at present, onlybeing specified for the US Apple Store (it’s not available free in the UK for instance), but it will mean that any last minute purchases should be received in time for the holidays.

The exceptions to the rule include the highly popular iPad mini which is listing as shipping within 1 week, meaning that it’s unlikely that you will get one ahead of Christmas if you were to order now. The 21.5 inch iMac is also in short supply with shipping not happening for around 7-10 days, and of course, the 27 inch model is not shipping until January.

Notably, the free next day shipping is being offered on everything in the store, not just products produced by Apple itself, meaning that if you want to purchase a small accessory for your iPhone, iPad or Mac, that will be shipped the following day as well.

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