Rumor: Apple Bringing AMD Graphics Cards Back To iMac?

iMac 2012
Apple could be looking to bring AMD Radeon graphics to the iMac, as the company has just placed an advertisement for a Hardware Systems Electrical Engineer on their website. The position looks for a ‘Senior EE to work on electrical & system design integration of the iMac computer system’. One of the key qualifications for this post is experience in AMD Graphics Processing Units or GPUs, as well as experience in Nvidia GPUs.

This is a rather interesting requirement because, in the past month, Apple released an updated iMac which brought significant improvements to the graphics processing power. This was provided by Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, which replaced the AMD Radeon GPUs found in the previous version of the iMac. With this latest job advertisement, Apple could be looking to offer AMD graphics cards in the iMac once again, perhaps as an alternative to the Nvidia cards to which currently, anyone purchasing a new iMac is limited.

The position has only just been advertised, so any inclusion of AMD cards in the iMac once again could still be years off.


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  • lucascott

    This doesn’t mean anything about anything, other than Apple has folks on their staff that work with a variety of items so they can mix and match and find the best choices. And are constantly reassessing the issue. Same with how they allegedly prototyped a 7 inch tablet even before the first iPad came out and reassessed it to tweak and release the iPad Mini. Same as they allegedly prototyped several ideas for a ‘real’ Apple TV and thus far as rejected them for releasing the little box. And so on.

    Apple would be idiots for not having someone that knows alternate graphics, processors etc. Doesn’t mean they will pick that alternative as the best.

  • Layth Mansour

    i dont think its a graphic card after all. in the recent news or should i say roamers apple is trying to move away from intel and thinking about using ARM as a main processing power. maybe they will be using amd’s apus for some back research or maybe even use amd instead of intel all together

  • johnnydfred

    Of course. AMD is a much better card. Um, which way is the pendulum swinging today?

    • George Goldson

      I don’t think that’s a fair assessment at all. Both NVIDIA and AMD are exceptional. I actively make use of both. There is no justification for what you are saying. Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway.

  • Neil

    That would be frickin’ awesome

    • Claude

      yip.. lol