Sorry, But This Is The Best iPhone 5 Accessory…Ever

The iPhone 5 comes in two color themes, black and slate, or white and brushed aluminum. That is, until today. A company called AnoStyle has invented an awesome new way of changing the color scheme of the iPhone 5, and the iPad mini, by applying color anodization to your device, recoating it in a beautiful color of your own choosing (via BGR). The result is a screamingly gorgeous personalized iPhone 5 that you are guaranteed to have strong sexual feelings about.

It’s a pretty simple process, that costs $249 for the iPhone 5 and $299 for the iPad mini. You go on to the AnoStyle website, pick the color that you want, then ship your iPhone 5 to the company. They then apply the color to your device by anodization (covering up any minor scratches in the process) and ship your device back to you within a couple of weeks. You can’t change the black or white portions of your iPhone but the rest can be colored to your choosing, resulting in a ridiculously pimped out iPhone.

This isn’t strictly an accessory, so perhaps modification would be a more appropriate term, but the results are incredible. The coating doesn’t chip or peel like a paint coating, rather is long lasting and hard wearing. There are several color options available and the company can even make up more for your own design.

Grab it right now.

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  • lucascott

    Two weeks without your iPhone, $250 and a warranty void.

    Think I’ll keep my iphone with me and buy a $40 case if I need it to look special

  • dan thornbury

    “grab it right now”, you consumer whore :) ordering now – but, oh no – why is the coolest stuff only every available in the US?! damn…

    • dan thornbury

      Nice find, though!