Apple Releases iWork Update For iOS And Mac

Apple has just released a substantial update for iWork for both the Mac and the iOS versions of Pages, Number and Keynote. The update brings iWork up to version 9.3 on the Mac, and version 1.7 on iOS devices. The majority of the changes are bug fixes and tweaks, rather than entirely new features, or an entirely new version like, gasp… iWork’13.

There are a few notable improvements in the updates such as the ability to add reflections to objects and shapes, as well as improved track changes options that are compatible with both Pages and with Microsoft Word. There are also several new slide transition themes in Keynote and the ability to lock and unlock objects.

Perhaps the biggest change is that the Share button has been removed from the menu icon bar, as this was a legacy feature related to that simply came up with error messages when it was used. That leaves a ‘Share’ menu item which allows you to e-mail or export your documents.

The updates are available through the iOS and Mac App Store software update function.


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  • Mr. Bee

    Still no hyphenation support, no ligatures, and it still has that annoying “feature” where if you miss the format button by a half millimetre, you get sent back to the beginning of your document. That thing is like a punishment or something, I can’t see as it has any useful purpose.