The Daily iPad Publication Is Dead

The Daily, News Corporation’s attempt at a daily news publication specifically designed for the iPad has been discontinued, according to a press release from the organization (via AllThingsD). The report says that some of the 120 employees who worked on The Daily will be absorbed into the New York Post, which is also owned by News Corp. According to the press release, the standalone publication of The Daily will be halted, but The Daily brand will live in other channels. This perhaps refers to increased development of the online portion of the New York Post.

The Daily was originally launched in February 2011 but was not met with great reviews, with many people suggesting that the app was unstable, slow, and difficult to navigate. The Daily also hinted at the first signs of trouble when it was revealed that The Daily was ‘on watch’ due to major financial losses of up to $30 million a year. The publication also laid off 30% of its staff earlier this year in an attempt to reduce losses.

Beleaguered is a word that was thrown around more than a few times with The Daily, as it was a publication that never seemed to get enough steam behind it to make it a long term viable proposition. What was originally portrayed as a hard hitting news publication that could compete with other major newspapers, with the added benefit that it could be updated in real time, quickly degenerated into publication more synonymous with gossip than news, that was obviously not popular with iPad users.

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