Fantastical For iPhone Is Unleashed: Awesomeness At A Reasonable Price

Flexibits, the developers behind the Fantastical calendar app for OS X, have been doing some hard work recently, and have today released an entirely new edition of Fantastical for iOS devices. The new app has been launched on the iOS App Store today for $1.99 (£1.49) and offers a completely unique approach to calendar management on the iPhone and iPod touch. As in….completely unique!

The new app looks a lot like Fantastical for Mac, obviously, but once you start using it, the changes and new approaches that have been adopting in writing an app for the iPhone become immediately apparent. There are multiple ways to scroll through your upcoming appointments (you can pick which one is most appropriate for you), the the display is wonderfully customizable and looks fantastic on the iPhone 5.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Fantastical for iOS, and the one that sets it apart from other calendar apps, is the natural language engine. This means that when you are making a new appointment, you can just hit the ‘+’ button (or tap and hold a date) and then type a sentence like ‘Dinner with Tarquin at 8pm in McDonalds’, and the app will translate that into a calendar appointment. It’s utter genius.

The price point for Fantastical is exactly what it should be. I was wondering whether Flexibits would take a Clear / Tweetbot approach to their app and price it around the $10-$15 range, which wouldn’t have been entirely unexpected given the pricing of Fantastical on the Mac App Store. But, priced at $1.99 (£1.49) you can hardly go wrong with that, and the functionality that Fantastical for iOS offers is simply too good to turn down.

Fantastical is available on the App Store now.


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