Apple Releases iTunes ’11 With Some Big New Features

Apple has today released the latest iteration of its media and mobile device management software, iTunes ’11. The new software is available free of charge either through Software Update or by direct download and brings with it a substantial number of new features and changes. One major change is a complete redesign of the iTunes Store, which is supposed to make searching for apps and media much easier.

The user interface has also received a significant makeover, with edge to edge design and a more minimal, clean look. This also incorporates a new miniplayer which includes a new search function and album art. It’s pretty funky. iTunes ’11 as a whole incorporates all of these changes with a view to making searching for media and apps a lot easier, and at first look, it certainly seems to offer an improvement.

In addition, the new iTunes also includes a feature called ‘Up Next’ which shows which songs are going to be playing next (awesome!) as well as direct streaming of purchases from iCloud. In addition, when you play any media from iTunes, it will remember the place that you stopped through iCloud integration, which is a welcome addition,

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  • Dufus Del Dia

    “Up Next” is nothing more than the old “iTunes DJ” in a different wrapper. I don’t see many new features, just a new interface to the same stuff… Now you click on This instead of That to do what you need to do. That said, it looks “cleaner” but it’s less obvious where the controls are, and what they do. Once you get used to it, it’s OK. There is a little bit of a learning curve, tho…