Will.i.am Wants Your iPhone To Look Like This

Black Eyed Peas artist, Will.i.am has unveiled a new accessory for the iPhone called i.am+. The accessory is an iPhone case that docks with your device and offers an upgraded image sensor for the iPhone camera, upgrading it to 14 megapixels over the 8 that is currently found in the latest iPhone (via The Telegraph). In addition to this, the i.am+ also features interchangeable lenses, as well as a built in flash and slide out keyboard.

It’s pretty hard to gauge the first reaction to this accessory. On the one hand my brain says it’s one of the ugliest pieces of bling that you could possibly want to strap to an iPhone (or indeed any device). On the other hand, it brings some pretty cool functionality to the iPhone camera, with interchangeable lenses and increased image quality.

It kinda depends whether you want to drop £299 on this version, although there is a £199 version available as well. To be honest, even if it was £99 or $99, I wouldn’t be strapping this to my iPhone. I would drop £299 on a SLR instead.


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