The New iMac Will Be Unleashed On Friday

Apple has today issued a press release stating that the brand new iMac, announced at the same event as the iPad mini, will go on sale in stores on Friday, November 30. The first model of the redesigned super-thin iMac to become available will be the 21.5 inch version, with the 27 inch version of the device still on target to launch in December. The new models will be available through the Apple Online Store, through physical Apple retail stores and through Apple resellers.

Earlier rumors had suggested that resellers had begun receiving notifications that new iMac models would be arriving in the coming days with a possible launch today, but this press release from Apple clarifies the roll out schedule. The company does not provide an exact date for the 27 inch iMac launch in December but will likely be making an attempt to get them in retail stores before the holiday season, particularly since the press release states that the 27 inch versions will begin shipping in December.

The new iMac has been completely redesigned with a superthin enclosure, and the option of the hybrid SSD / hard disk Fusion drive. The new models have 8GB of memory as standard and either core i5 or core i7 Intel processors.

You may as well just cave now and go ahead and get one.


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