You Want An iPhone 5 Right Now….You Got It

Following on from a rather successful launch of the iPhone 5 in which Apple saw some extremely high demand for the device, supply appears to be finally catching up with demand. In contrast to the story from weeks ago when eager consumers looking to get their hands on an iPhone 5 would have to wait 4-6 weeks for the device to ship, the estimated ship times for the latest iPhone 5 have leveled out, and Apple will now dispatch a new iPhone 5 within one week of receiving the order.

The new shipping times affect more than just the USA, with Apple Stores in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. However, demand is still high in some countries such as the UK, where shipping times are still stretching to two weeks for dispatch.

Apple will likely be making a big push to get a significant amount of extra stock available so that those who are hoping to give the gift of an iPhone this holiday season will be able to order almost up until the week before Christmas. It’s also likely that with the online Apple Store catching up with orders, you will be much more likely to be able to pick up an iPhone 5 in store as well.

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  • Stand

    Why buy the same phone(iPhone 4s) you’ve had for 2 yrs all over again, Boring… Its good to change it up and look for different and better experiences. Although there is a lot of close mind’s that dont like to try and experience different products. I’ve already had 4s and mess around with sisters iphone 5. Only difference is the 1/2 inch bigger and not made of Glass like the 4s which I thought was better in that perspective. iPhone is a good phone, very plain and simple, but also limited, there are better phones out there for the same price or better that offer more features and are not limited to what do with them.

    • Altaykai Yamada

      For example the Android phones are better. The reason why iPhones are so overrated is because it a brand.