“Do You Dare To Swear?”

An awesome tip has emerged today regarding the fastest possible way that you can get yourself put through to an actual person when making a telephone call to Apple’s support service. According to a new report from TNW, if you drop the F-bomb when speaking to an Apple automated line (or indeed many other companies), you are immediately connect to a real person. The automated service apparently listens for ‘signs of distress’ and redirects a call if specific phrases or patterns are detected.

This isn’t just limited to Apple but was discovered when a Reddit user swore at the automated system used by Apple support and was immediately connected to a support technician. It might not work all the time however, particularly since the report suggests that the person may very well reroute you back in to the call queue.

In addition, and more out of interest than anything else, you might want to try it with some other automated systems, and even see what sort of phrases or tone of voice that it responds to. If you find a particularly amusing phrase (‘bawbag’ comes to mind) that triggers the reroute, please do post a comment here.

F*** yeah…

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