Another Poorly Sourced Analyst Claim For An Apple Television In 2013?

Analyst Gene Munster, longtime and enthusiastic evangelist of the Apple television set, and analyst at Piper Jaffray, has come forward with another alleged update on an Apple television set. According to Business Insider, the analyst claims to have intelligence suggesting that Apple will be releasing a television set in late 2013, contradicting his earlier claims that the device would be released by this year, and then latterly in early 2013.

The new Apple television, according to Munster, will have a pretty large display size, with estimates ranging from 42 inches to 55 inches, and it will cost between $1,500 and $2,000. No further details are given on why the television will not launch until November 2013 i.e. what has pre-empted the change in the Munsters predictions.

To be honest, with all the rumors swirling about regarding this new Apple device, it’s safe to say that nobody has the first clue about when, or indeed if, it’s going to be released. It’s awesome reading the completely erroneous analyst predictions through.

In other news, the analyst also offers some predictions for other Apple devices, including an iPad mini with Retina Display within 4 months.

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