Google Maps App Now Being Navigated To iOS Devices

Google is apparently in the final stages of preparing a standalone Google Maps app for iOS devices, according to a new report from the WSJ. The publication reports that Google has seeded a test build of the application to a select number of testers and that the app could be available a lot sooner than many had expected.

Perhaps one of the most interesting points of the new report is that the new app will feature Turn by Turn navigation, a feature that was previously missing from the Google Maps app that was part of iOS prior to the release of version 6. Apple’s own Maps app, while withstanding a certain amount of criticism, is noted for having an effective Turn by Turn navigation feature and the new Google Maps app is obviously looking to take Apple Maps on.

While many people have doubted that Apple would actually approve a Google Maps app for iOS devices, there’s no reason that the company would reject it, particularly since there’s already Google apps on iOS devices that replicate some of the functionality with apps that are inherently part of iOS. Google voice search, GMail, Google Chrome, Google Play books etc.

The app, if it is indeed in final testing, will probably be released in the next couple of months.


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