An Apple Television Is Not Coming Soon

Over the past day or so there have been some rumors swirling regarding a brand new device that Apple is apparently considering launch. The rumors have suggested that the company is in the process of testing a television set with cable operators, and that the launch of the Apple TV was actually imminent. That report came from Jeffries & Co. analyst James Kisner and was followed up by AllThingsD who are today saying that while Apple has ‘indeed had talks with a few large cable operators about some new TV product’ it’s going to be some time before anything launches.

This second opinion seems a little more realistic as, being honest, the initial report only simply seemed to suggest that a major cable TV operator was attempting to estimate how much bandwidth would be required for a new Apple device. It certainly doesn’t mean that a launch of such a device is imminent and to jump to such a conclusion is a little quick.

It seems to be a fairly consistent pattern that has repeated itself over the past few years i.e. an analyst predicting an imminent Apple TV launch, a prediction that is repeated ad nauseum. The funny thing is, leading to perhaps the question of greatest interest, that analysts seem to have a real hard on for the long rumored Apple TV. Given that we already have the Apple TV set top box… what’s the weird analyst obsession with the ‘imminent television launch’?


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