Rumor: New iMac May See Significant Delay Until After Christmas… Or Might Not

A new report has emerged suggesting that the brand new iMac unveiled at the most recent Apple event is experiencing a few issues in mass production and that these issues could translate to a later public launch than first expected. The report comes from French site Macbidouille who are saying that some of the welding techniques used in the new iMac mean that yields of the new design are lower than expected and that some models may not launch until after Christmas.

The report follows on from comments by Tim Cook during the recent Apple quarterly earnings call which suggested that while demand for the new iMac is expected to be high, there will be constraints on supplies for the first few months of release, although the Apple CEO did not elaborate on this further. Apple had announced that the 21 inch models would ship in November with the 27 inch model expected in December but it’s still unclear as to what models the report is referring.

The new iMac is completely redesigned from the old model, ditching the optical drive and with a new, significantly thinner form factor, that incorporates a screen with much less reflective capacity. The new iMac also has new Intel Ivy Bridge processors and the new Fusion drive, which combines the speed of a solid state drive with the capacity of a traditional hard drive.

It’s hard to establish how accurate this report actually is, but with only two weeks remaining on November, Apple will likely have to make an announcement soon if the new iMac models will indeed be delayed until after Christmas.


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  • John Henderson

    Oh my! Really need to order one real soon! Nothing else out there will do!