Awesome New Jawbone ‘UP’ Wristband Hits The Market

A brand new version of the highly anticipated ‘UP’ wristband by the company Jawbone has just been released and it looks to be just as awesome as the original UP wristband, before it was pulled from the market. UP is a flexible, durable wristband that you wear all day and tracks your activities. When paired with the app that is available for iOS device, the UP wristband tracks your sleep, your activity level, your food and drink (if you want), your ideal wake up time and even reminds you when you’ve been sitting on your ass too long.

The band itself is essentially a new design as the original version of UP that was released last year but was then discovered to be pretty faulty and unreliable so was removed from sale. Customers that had purchased the original version were even offered a full money back promise from Jawbone. But now the 2.0 edition of the UP wristband is available and it looks to be awesome.

The new UP comes in eight colors and contains a revised internal structure meaning that it is entirely waterproof and bendable, the major concerns with the previous version. It’s available for $129 from the Jawbone website now.

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