Clear App For Mac Is Released (For Busy, Wealthy People)

A new version of the popular, gesture-driven list app for iOS devices, Clear, was released for OS X devices today by developers RealMac Software. The app is priced at an introductory price of $6.99 for today only, but then rising to an eventual price of $14.99. Clear for Mac looks, unsurprisingly, a lot like Clear for iPhone, except that it opened in a small window rather than in a full screen mode.

The crux of the app is that as long as you have a trackpad, you’ll be fine. The user interface works like the iOS version with two finger swiping controlling most of the action. You can use a mouse if you want but it kind of defeats the entire reasoning behind the user interface design. The app will sync over iCloud with your iOS devices so your lists will always be up to date.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Clear on iOS, particularly once the novelty wore off. Wunderlist has better functionality and is much easier to use, and it’s free. And, unless you purchase Clear for Mac pretty soon, you’re going to be faced with $14.99 charge to get it.

Is it worth that price…Nope. Maybe $2.99.


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  • djr12

    I have nothing against Clear, but you speak the truth. I got caught up in the hype, and I bought it…. It was overpraised because it uses gestures, but using gestures in and of itself isn’t somehow better. Using gestures when they make more sense is . But how does it make more sense to pull down to create a new task, rather than just putting a big + button in the interface? I mean, more power to anyone if they prefer that method but I’m not sure it’s a quantum leap or anything. I find the app oversimplified.