Rumorific: Apple Job Posting Pointing Towards iWork Document Editing In iCloud?

Apple may be looking to expand the functionality of iWork on the web as it has just posted a job opening for an iWork Software QA Engineer that will work on the next generation of Desktop, Mobile and, notably, Web Applications and Services. This could potentially represent a new way of managing and editing iWork files stored in iCloud, beyond the ‘view-only’ function that it currently offers.

The iWork functionality on iCloud as it currently stands is actually pretty limited as it only allows the syncing of iWork documents and files to separate devices, which generally need iWork to be installed on them for any editing or content creation. An iWork web application, as referenced in the job posting, could potentially allow a limited feature version of iWork to run within the iCloud web framework, and therefore give users the ability to edit their documents directly in iCloud.

These features would allow Apple to compete effectively with both Microsoft, who are offering cloud collaboration and editing with Office 365, and Google, who have offered Google Docs for some time, and have expanded the functionality with Google Drive. On the flip side, the advertisement is rather limited in wording as it only alludes to iWork web applications which could arguably represent the current iCloud offering with non-editable functionality.

With iCloud offering little more than Dropbox at the moment, Apple could be looking to take it forward in a more comprehensive manner, but will obviously be keeping iOS and OS X versions of iWork, which are not free, at the forefront of their office software strategy.


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