Rumor: Apple Looking To Ditch Intel For ARM Processors On The MacBook

Apple is apparently considering implementing its own design of CPUs in a future generation of Macs according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report suggests that ARM processors are currently being considered for inclusion in a future revamp of the MacBook line, which would mean that Intel based CPUs would be sidelined. Apple has been using Intel chips for around seven years now and it’s likely that Apple will continue using them for years to come, but the report points towards increased similarities between desktop and mobile devices as the reason for the potential switch.

This is a rumor that has been circulating for a while, with previous reports suggesting that Apple would make the switch in either 2012 or perhaps in 2013. Other rumors have also suggested that a MacBook Air with an ARM A5 processor has already been tested, but Apple would have to overcome a significant amount of obstacles, including the transition to a completely novel OS that wasn’t x86 based.

The eventual merging of OS X and iOS is a theme that tends to stimulate reports like this, although with the recent news that Windows on Surface tablet can eat up as much as 16GB of the available storage space, are we ready for a unified operating system?


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