Yep…The iPad Mini Is Popular

The reception to to the iPad mini shortly after its announcement was, in some instances, rather lukewarm with some people less than enthusiastic about the comparatively lower resolution display. That said, in a not-entirely-unexpected turn of events, orders for the iPad mini have been obviously been extraordinarily popular as Apple today announced that around three millions iPads have been sold in the three days since the iPad mini officially launched.

This number doesn’t reflect the actual number of iPad mini units sold as Apple also announced an upgraded fourth generation version of the Retina Display iPad and some of the sales number will refer to this device. That said, it’s likely to be a relatively small proportion, particularly since the fourth generation iPad is still available to ship in three to five days and the iPad mini is now not available for at least two weeks online.

That said, if you are still looking to pick up an iPad mini, then you can try your local Apple Store as anecdotal reports are suggesting that retail stores have substantial amounts of stock available to them, and you might end getting one much quicker than two weeks.

Without specific sales numbers for the iPad mini, you can still estimate how popular a device is with the number of webpages or column inches devoted to it.  It might interest you to note that Google throws up 105,000,000 results for the iPad mini.  Not too shabby?


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