Apple Pulls Safari 6 From Software Update And Direct Download

Shortly after the release of Safari update 6.0.2 on the Mac App Store, Apple has apparently pulled the update from the Mac App Store, and Safari 6 entirely from the Downloads section of their support website. Confusingly, Safari 6 is no longer visible as a direct download on the Apple website and users, including myself, who try to download the update from the Mac App Store are met with an error message or a non-responsive download.

It’s not clear why the company have chosen to remove the entire Safari 6 downloads section, as many users will have already downloaded the latest update and installed it.  Additionally, the update is not showing up in the Apple security document that users are directed to read as part of the update process.

Coincidentally, one of our readers contacted us today to say that he was disappointed that Safari was not yet sandboxed with the latest update, despite the fact that Apple stated that Safari would be sandboxed with the release of Mountain Lion.  You can confirm this yourself by running the following command in Terminal (then change the final app designator to and see what happens).

codesign --display --entitlements - /Applications/

More information on checking for sandboxing can be found here.

Thanks for the tip Shane.

Update: Safari 6.0.2 can still be found here


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  • Heikii Kawaguchi

    but who uses Safari anyway even on a MAC I guess only Apple fanboys. I have a Mac and never use Safari.. what is it by the way? :)

    • jack

      you are a dumb fuck

  • Graham Rogers

    Over here (Thailand/Asia) the download disappeared on Friday in the Mac App Store, but then reappeared a few hours later and was still there when I refreshed on Saturday morning. Is this something unique to US/EU, or did Apple forget Asia?