With The iPad Mini, Apple Is Obviously A Failure; Isn’t It?

The iPad mini went on sale just three days ago and, unsurprisingly sold out within three days. While most people reacting to the launch of the iPad mini were overwhelmingly positive, there is always a small bunch who would gleefully love to see the company fail to shift the a substantial amount of devices. I refer to one such example in the form of this column written a few days ago, with the author suggesting that the iPad mini was a big fail.

The main accusation is that Apple has ‘diluted the market to the point of of ridiculous now’. Just for a second, consider that phrase. My interpretation is that, instead of the company diluting the market, there is now a $329 iPad mini, a $399 iPad 2 and a $499 iPad 3 in a variety of storage options. Sorry, but is there anything wrong with having a choice?

Perhaps the biggest issue that I have with this column is the way that the author assumes that the new iPad, the third generation model launched several months ago, suddenly becomes obsolete with the the launch of the upgraded version. Any owner of the 3rd generation iPad doesn’t suddenly face obsolecence. My iPad 3 still works exceptionally well. I’ve been downloading apps today and all of them are compatible with my device. I even played a graphics intensive game and didn’t experience any slowdown.

The obsolete claim is bullshit. The article is, sadly, bullshit.


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  • Nexus 7

    The biggest bullshit is that my ipad 3 prices drop by couple of hundred bucks within a few weeks of purchase. If i want to sell this piece of shit now i get less buck as compare to the pre ipad 4 announcement. Your apple and you fan boys just know how to manipulate the truth.

    • Peter Johnson

      I don’t believe you have an iPad 3 (theres a clue in your username)
      Go away troll.

    • calsfdude

      You must be the only idiot on earth to buy a piece of shit and try to resell it a few weeks later

  • exicrap

    Just wait for the software updates and your old iPad will be slower than molasses.

  • byronchurch

    That mini, an iWatch and some deasent bluetooth headphones could get me down the road jut fine. Providing its jail-breakable of course!

  • jameskatt

    Actually, Apple has the following selections:

    1. iPod Touch (the micro iPad) for $299
    2. iPad Mini for $329
    3. iPad 2 for $399
    4. Ipad 4 for $499

    That’s a great spectrum.