Apple Is Getting The iPad Mini Ready For Shipping Right Now

With pre-orders for the iPad mini taking place yesterday and some models selling out within minutes, Apple has begun getting some of the early pre-orders of the iPad mini ready for shipment. Anecdotal reports (via MacRumors) are suggesting that many customers who pre-ordered their iPad mini at the point that the pre-orders opened are actually seeing some of their orders as ‘Preparing for Shipment’.

While the pre-orders are expected to be delivered on Friday, November 2 for those lucky customers who managed to get in early, we may see one or two orders getting delivered a day or so early. Many people were left a little disappointed when the initial pre-order shipment time for the iPad mini slipped to at least two weeks, but going by what happened with the iPhone 5, these customers may also see some deliveries earlier than expected.

The iPad mini will launch in retail stores on November 2, and Apple will have likely held back a significant amount of stock for the retail launch, so you might still be able to snag one on launch day.

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