iPad Mini Goes Up For Pre-Order And Sells Out In Minutes

Apple opened the pre-ordering system for the iPad mini on their Online Store at midnight PST, 3AM EST this morning and many eager customers stayed up to put their pre-orders for the new device in. The demand was so high, in fact, that for all Wi-Fi models of the white and silver iPad mini, shipping dates very rapidly slipped to two weeks from the original launch date of November 2nd. At the time of writing, the black and slate iPad mini still remains available for delivery on the original date of November 2.

Of course, it’s impossible to determine how many numbers were sold or the varying popularity of each color without a statement from Apple. The company may simply have produced less units of the white iPad mini than they did of the black version, or indeed the device may simply have been more popular.

Apple does retain a significant amount of stock of retail stores on launch day, so if you are particularly eager to get your hands on one quickly then there is still the opportunity without putting in an online pre-order. You can queue up for the November 2 launch day if you do want to get a hold of one.


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