Pocket App For Mac Is Unleashed…And It’s Awesome

In a wonderfully pleasant turn of events today, Pocket (formerly ReaditLater) released a native app for OS X devices on the Mac App Store. The app, essentially a digital bulletinboard for your Mac, does all the same things that the wonderful iOS app and web app does. It allows you to save articles for later offline reading, and will sync with your iOS devices and the web interface seamlessly.

The app itself is free of charge and the Pocket service integrates with a significant number of other apps, including apps like Tweetbot, Flipboard and Pulse. You can then choose to read the articles using the app on your iOS device, the web interface or, with the option released today, the native OS X app.

If you are anything like me then you will have been using Pocket for some time now so you will already have the bookmarklet saved into your web browser and have your login details plugged into Tweetbot and Flipboard etc. The new app offers a simple and beautiful way to read the articles on your Mac without having to go into a web browser and, to be honest, it’s exactly what a lot of people will have been waiting for.

If you haven’t tried it, fire on over to the app on the Mac App Store right now.


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