Apple Unleashes The iPad Mini And The Fourth Generation iPad

Apple has just revealed that they have been working on a brand new iPad with a super fast A6X processor with double the processing power and double the graphics performance. The new 4th gen iPad retains the 10 hour battery life, has expanded LTE coverage for worldwide performance, and also has better Wifi performance and front facing camera.

The new iPad 4th gen also has a Lightning connector, and Apple is supporting the device with additional cables like Lighting to HDMI and VGA. The new device comes in both black and white at starts at $499 for the 16GB variation.

Additionally, Apple has today taken the wraps off the iPad mini, the latest addition to the iPad line-up. As expected the new device has a 7.9 inch display with a 1024 x 768 resolution and an incredibly thin form factor.  The new iPad mini is only 7.2 mm thick and weighs only 0.68 pounds, coming in both white and silver, and black and slate.  Because of the resolution of the new device, all the apps designed for the iPad 2 will work perfectly on the iPad mini.

iPad mini has an A5 processor and can be purchased with LTE enabled, contrary to some rumors suggesting that it would only have 3G connectivity.  There is also a 5 megapixel HD camera on the back and an HD iSight camera on the front, in addition to 2x faster Wi-Fi capability.  The new device also comes with 10 hours of battery life, consistent with all the iPads before it.

The iPad mini starts at $329 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model and will be available via pre-orders on October 26 and the new device will ship (Wi-Fi only) on November 2.  The cellular version will ship just two weeks later.  The new device is  available with a cool range of Smart Covers as well.

Alongside the iPad mini, Apple is announcing the latest version of iBooks Author as a complimentary piece of software to create new textbooks for the iPad and the iPad mini. Publishers can now continually update their books and make the latest versions available immediately. The latest version of the software is available on the App Store right now free of charge.


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  • Lord British

    SOB! I just bought my ipad3 a month ago. I wish Apple would offer a trade up program so people that do buy their products have an opportunity to bring their purchase in to put towards the newer upgrade.

    • Eric

      If its within he past 30 days you might be able to exchange

  • bob

    i think there slowly biting off the hand that feeds them… to be honest though there will NEVER be the games etc that could run on the ipad 4 that will use that power

    • daskoff

      I think they are focusing on the business world where you need HP to run business apps. Already at my company all senior management received the Ipad and are “forced” to use it because it is now the only way to access some of the company specific apps. The business world is where the money is, always was. Remember when the Iphone first came out and Blackberry sneered when someone suggested that the Iphone would make inroads in the business world. Well surprise, surprise, look where we are now. I think this is the same path for the Ipad.

  • Bobo

    The fourth gen ipad within 10 months of the third gen one is total crap. So I spent $500 a few months ago for something that is twice as slow as something now. TOTAL BS on Apple’s part.