Rumor: Price Of iPad Mini / iPad Air Likely To Start At $329

The highly anticipated iPad mini (or iPad Air depending on what its name is), is expected to be unveiled at the Apple media event next week, but the pricing of the new device has pretty much remained a mystery. However, a new report today (via 9to5Mac) suggests that the base model of the new iPad mini (as we’ll call it for arguments sake), will actually start retailing for a price of $329 USD. That would likely represent a Wi-Fi only version of the device with 16Gb of storage.

The device would then jump to $429 and $529 for greater storage capacities. The report also suggests that there would be a $130 premium for the cellular+Wi-Fi version so the base model iPad mini with cellular support would start at $459.

Many people had suggested that Apple would be looking to enter the sub-$300 tablet market with the new device, but if the new pricing matrix is accurate then this doesn’t look to be the case. Other rumors had suggested a price even lower than this with $249 for the base model. The estimated bill of materials for the iPad 2 ranges from $245 to $270, so the iPad mini is likely to come in at the lower end of this scale. If Apple were to price at $299, it’s a pretty slim profit.

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