Rumor: The Price Of A New 13 Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro

With the launch of the highly anticipated 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro expected to take place at the Apple media event on October 23, many potential buyers will be starting to think about the price of the new Mac and whether they want to go ahead and drop the cash. A new report from 9to5Mac claims to have the wholesale prices for the new 13 inch Retina Display version and the base model will apparently come in at $1699 which is around $100 more than we’d originally predicted and a supplement of $500 over the 13 inch non-retina display MacBook Pro.

Apparently the higher spec model of the Retina Display version will come in at around $2000 which is $300 more than the base model. The report also goes on to say that there may be some initial constraints on the supply of the new devices, but this will obviously be dependent upon demand.

If the report is accurate, then Apple will be placing a significant supplement on the base model of the Retina Display version over the non-Retina version. To put it in context, the Retina version of the 15 inch MacBook Pro is $400 more expensive than the non-Retina version, so the move to a Retina Display, as well as flash storage, and a likely bump in RAM and graphics card memory obviously is where the price hit lies.


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