Rumor: New iMac And Mac Mini To Be Same Price As Previous Models

The next generation iMac and Mac mini will reportedly be priced at the same rate as the previous models, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. According to the report, the new models will be no more expensive than their predecessors with the new 2012 Mac mini starting out at $599 for the base model. In addition, the iMac will also be priced at a similar rate, despite recent rumors that it would be receiving a brand new design and upgraded display. This therefore pegs the base model iMac at $1199 for the 21.5 inch model.

The site also suggests that the new Mac mini and the new iMac will accomodate new 8GB RAM modules meaning that the Mac mini could offer options of up to 16GB, and the iMac can be shipped with up to 32GB RAM. This is a massive bump from the previous models which were only available with 8GB in the Mac mini and 16GB in the iMac. Of course, users could previously upgrade with third party RAM, but this is the first time that Apple has offered these capacities.

Given that the price points are apparently going to stay the same, this is great news for some and not such great news for others. The bad news will come for those who were perhaps hoping for Retina Display iMac models to be released. The Retina Display MacBook Pro was priced substantially higher than the non-Retina model so it can be assumed that the same will occur if and when Apple ships a Retina Display iMac.

The new iMac and Mac mini models are expected to be introduced on October 23 at the Apple media event showcasing the launch of the iPad mini.


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