Apple Store Shipping Times For The iMac Start To Slip

Shipping times for existing models of the iMac have suddenly started to get a little longer when ordering from Apple’s online store as the rumored launch date for new iMac models approaches. In some European online stores, such as the French and Italian Apple Stores, the shipping times for the iMac, which normally is listed as ‘In Stock’ and ready for immediate shipping are now indicating 3 to 5 days shipping, meaning that the shipping estimates fall alongside the timescale of the Apple media event on Tuesday, October 23.

The German Apple Store is showing the iMac now shipping in 1-3 days compared to ‘in stock’ as displayed last week.  Additionally, one reader noted that the shipping time for a tricked out fully loaded 27 inch iMac has now increased from 4-6 days shipping to 7-10 days, giving further indication of a gradual increase in shipping times for the iMac. Thus far, it just seems to be some European Apple Stores that are affected.

In addition, stocks of the Mac mini seem to be holding steady, which is notable given the rumored launch of an updated model on Tuesday.  Hopefully we’ll see new models of both the iMac and the Mac mini available for purchase very soon after the media event.

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  • Lundy Hilton

    27″ Fully Loaded Shipping Date Slips:

    • AppleBitch

      It’s getting longer by the day

  • Lundy Hilton

    Today when I priced a 27″ fully loaded – the shipping time has slipped to 2-3 weeks at the online Apple Store! Can’t wait until Tuesday!!!

  • Lundy Hilton

    I just checked & shipping date for both sizes now slips when you don’t order the basic machine! Try the most powerful processor in either size & see what happens. Good news!

  • Lundy Hilton

    I agree with Leroy & hope that the new iMac is here on the 23! I plan to order one fully loaded! It’s been a long wait…