What Is The Minimum Storage Capacity For Your iOS Device?

Since the launch of the first iOS device, the original iPhone, the iOS App Store has exploded in the number and complexity of apps that it offers. Associated with that increasing functionality are increases in the size of the apps that are offered on the Store, and this is further enhanced by the requirement to produce apps that fully support the Retina Display of the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 as well as the new iPad.

As identified by ABI Research (via MacRumors), the average size of iOS apps have increased by up to 16% in the six month period between March and September. Interestingly, it was found that if you localize the increases to iOS games, then it was found that games have grown by 42% in size in the same period. The increase is likely due to the release of the Retina Display third generation iPad which inherently results in an associated increase in the apps that are native for the new display.

This, of course, signals a trend that is sure to continue with the ever increasing population of iOS apps on the App Store, and there will come a time in the not too distant future when the 16GB iPhone is but a memory, and 32GB – 128GB is the line-up. I’m certainly struggling with space a little on my 32GB iPad, and 64GB seems to be the better option for the future.

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  • Johnny Applesead

    64GB is not enough already, I have an iTunes library averaging 192 quality tracks that comes upto 68GB from only my music’s, So to be safe, I can only carry about 20GB of Music in my iPhone 4S and the rest in an old iPod Photo. I have Apps and some videos and my iPhone 4S is always around 52GB with only a little bit of free space which i don’t want to fill since filling HDs usually does cause other problems.
    If Apple came out with iPhone 5 with 128GB of HD, I would have jumped on it.
    If Apple came out with a New iPad with 128GB I would go pick one up right away. 64GB does not cut it at all. You really don’t want to lug around a bunch of CDs in your car, it will just add more temptations to those burglars. And I’m not going to waste my previous time creating a Playlist at home every night when i have just finished working 14hrs+ and another 45minutes each way to my freakin work.