Rumor: The iMac Will Get A Significant Update Next Week

Two reports have emerged suggesting that Apple will be announcing some updated iMac models at the iPad mini launch event next week. The first report is pretty brief, coming from AppleInsider, simply stating that Apple would offer upgraded iMac models starting the day after the media event i.e. October 24. The second report comes from 9to5Mac, who give a little more detail on what could be expected next Thursday.

According to the report, there will be four new models, likely corresponding to 21 inch and 27 inch screen sizes in base model and higher configurations. However, it’s not as simple as these models launching on the day after the iPad mini event as this report suggests that at least some models of the new iMac will not begin shipping straight away.

It’s unclear at the moment what the reasons could be for the delay in shipping some of the new models but it could be related to some issues that have been rumored related to the production of new screens, specifically in the 27 inch variety. The new iMacs are rumored to have a brand new form factor incorporating screens that are thinner and more difficult to manufacture, but as it stands, there’s no firm intel on how long it will take for all models to become fully available.

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