Rumor: New Thinner iMac To Be Announced In Coming Weeks

A picture which is reportedly portraying the internal components of a new and as yet unreleased iMac has surfaced on Chinese website (via MacRumors). The photo is thought to detail the internal components of a 2012 iMac which is said to adopt an entirely new, and thinner, form factor, although the picture doesn’t offer any details on what the thinner iMac might looks like. According to the report, the new iMac will have a highly curved rear panel with much softer rounded edges that the current design.

The report also suggests that the screen quality of the new iMac will also receive a large upgrade, although there is no note in the report regarding the presence of a Retina Display in the new models. The 21 inch version of the iMac is said to be the first model to receive the update with the 27 inch update following later down the line as the production volumes of the new screen are optimized.

The timeline for the release of the new iMac is given as either this month or next month. All eyes will probably turn towards the iPad mini event set for October 23, but the report suggests that it might be next month before the new version is announced at a press conference.

We spotted that benchmarks for a new and unreleased iMac model appeared around six weeks ago in Geekbench.  This report could be referring to the models which provided those benchmarks.

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  • Lundy Hilton

    Hope the 27″ is real soon! Ready to purchase a fully loaded iMac!!!

    • Mick

      Same here

    • The Chef

      When you say fully loaded. What kind of fully loaded are we talking about here? I’m thinking 27″ 3.4 ghz or higher. 2 terra plus SSD Storage. Highest GPU avaliable and 3-4 terra external storage thunderbolt of course. Is this what you mean?