Rumor: iPad Mini Will Not Have 3G or 4G

The iPad mini, expected to be announced later this month, will apparently not be shipping with either 3G or 4G LTE cellular connectivity, according to a new report from The Guardian. According to the paper, ‘industry sources’ have suggested that the iPad mini will not sport any cellular connectivity at all, with the reasons being cheap production and therefore less expensive retail price. The report suggests that the device will rely on Wi-Fi alone.

The veracity of this rumor seems a little suspect for two reasons. First, leaked components that are purportedly shown an iPad mini with space for a cellular antenna as well as a nano-SIM card port, indicating that the device would have 3G at the very least. In addition, the integration of cellular chipsets would certainly not impact greatly on the cost of the device, perhaps adding around $15-$20 to each iPad mini unit, based on cost difference between iPad 2 WiFi and iPad 2 3G versions.

Given that Apple would like tag at least $50 on to the price of the device for 3G connectivity, we’d say that this report is inaccurate.


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  • cheri

    That would be a little upsetting if the iPad Mini didn’t come with 3G or 4G connectivity. I would love to have that, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. I have been looking for a smaller tablet that I can carry around with me, and not be weighed down with. I have been hearing about the iPad Mini for weeks from a co-worker at DISH and now I can’t stop looking for whatever information I can find on it. I really just want it to be able to take it with me out of the house, especially with all the new shows and new fall season coming up shortly, to watch live TV on the DISH Remote Access app so I don’t have to miss any of my shows this season. I know the price will probably be more than the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, but I am sure it will be worth it. I hope this is what it really looks like. I can’t wait to hear an official announcement for it.