Reviews For Mac App Store Apps Are Apparently Taking Ages

A funky trend is apparently starting to emerge for apps that have been submitted for review to the Mac App Store in that apps are taking progressively longer to get through Apple’s review process. According to a report from iOS Dev training firm Shiny Development (via MacRumors), some research has shown that the average review time for an app submitted to the Mac App Store has risen progressively from a low of 3-4 days in February and March of this year, to just short of a month at the present time.

The trend is a pretty linear increase going up to October this year and appears to show no sign of slowing down, or even reversing. If it continues to increase at the same rate, then we could be looking at a two month review process in the blink of an eye, even for updates to existing apps. Apparently iOS apps are reviewed a little quicker, in approximately 10 days, so it doesn’t seem to be a general trend across both App Stores.

Guess that means that Tweetbot for Mac might not be here for another 23 days going by the latest figures.


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