Jasmine: An Awesome YouTube App With Full iPad and iPhone 5 Support

Since the launch of iOS 6, many people have complained about losing the YouTube as a default app that is included with the OS. For the iPhone, Google responded by releasing a brand new app for YouTube which was superior in functionality and design to the prior YouTube app. While this is great news for iPhone users, the app only supported native iPhone resolutions and did not scale to fit the iPad screen. It also meant that iPad users were a little limited in that they could only view YouTube videos through Safari. There is a solution to that, however, and it comes in the form of Jasmine, a YouTube app for iOS devices.

Jasmine is a free app that is available on the iOS App Store and offers full support for iPhone and iPad, and also for the larger screen on the iPhone 5. It’s got a very cool, clean interface and also has well implemented search functionality. There’s also a Settings tab in which you can switch between Day and Night themes, dim the back-lighting and customize the functionality of forward and rewind buttons. You can also queue videos for playing and, if you upgrade to Pro version, set parental controls for kids.

Jasmine is free in the App Store now. If you have an iPad, give it a try. When an iPad specific YouTube app is eventually released, you may even find yourself sticking with Jasmine.


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  • joe

    I just use the iOS6 iPhone Youtube app on my iPad. I’m actually liking it’s simplicity because it’s meant to be used on the smaller screen. Hit the 2x button for full screen and after the app flips the video into landscape mode, I can’t tell the difference.

  • Nobody

    It can Airplay!!

  • skellener

    Google’s new iOS app is non-universal – WEAK! Jasmine rocks! Pay the man $2! It’s worth it!

  • Mr. Bee

    You know, for so-called “free” apps, the most important factor is whether or not they are actually free or whether they are in fact full of advertisements. This is the main reason I don’t use Google’s YouTube app.

    Any review of a “free” app, should include whether or not it has advertisements or will in the future have advertisements.

    • Rembert

      Remember why some YouTube vidz did NOT show up on the old YouTube app??? Correct, because the uploader requested advertisement to go together with those vidz. Now I would be happy watching those advertisements… as long as my favorite videos are now playing on iOS6.