Rumor: Invitations For iPad Mini Launch Event To Be Issued October 10

A new rumor is today suggesting that Apple would be sending out media invitations to the launch of the highly anticipated (and as yet unseen) iPad mini on October 10. The rumor stems from the oft-critical-of-rumors Philip Elmer-DeWitt who writes for Apple 2.0, and is saying that a source who is a major Apple investor has heard about the issue of the invitations taking place next month.

Should this rumor turn out to be true, then it could be expected that Apple would unveil the iPad mini in the middle of the following week, which would place the announcement date for the new device at Wednesday October 17. The iPad mini itself will then likely being pre-orders around a week later, in a similar fashion to the iPhone 5.

Apple could also use the opportunity to introduce another new product, such as an updated version of the iMac, but could also choose to talk about the Maps application. Given that Apple CEO recently wrote an open letter apologizing for the Maps app, which will likely also be featured on the iPad mini, it’s likely that the company will choose to address the issue at the event.

Perhaps just a quick mention, perhaps a prolonged explanation, but a reassurance that the company will be working hard to make them better would no doubt be welcomed.


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