Charging Your iPhone 5 For 41 Cents Per Year…

The iPhone 5 reportedly only costs $0.41 per year to keep fully powered up, according to a study from energy analysis organization OPower (via MacRumors). According to a study which used the variable of an average user charging their iPhone 5 once per day and with energy costs of 11.8 cents per kWh, the 41 cent figure is just 3 cents higher than the iPhone 4 which costs 38 cents a year to keep charged.

Interestingly, if the figures are scaled up to represent the 170 million iPhone 5 units that are expected to be sold worldwide this year, the power consumption would be equal to that of 54,000 average households for one year. That said, if that figure was lower than you thought it would be (I certainly did), it may make you feel better about the cost of an iPhone 5 and one year’s carrier fees.


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