Another Java Exploit Found To Leave Macs Vulnerable

A new report is suggesting that a vulnerability in Oracle’s Java software could put a significant number of Macs and PCs at risk of malware, and by significant, the number being referred to is 1 billion (via Computerworld). According to security analyst Adam Gowdiak, the vulnerability is present in Java versions 5, 6 and Java 7 which means that Macs which have either come bundled with the Java software (pre-Snow Leopard) or Mac users that have subsequently installed Java, face dealing with the bug.

Oracle is apparently aware of the bug and will likely ship a patch pretty soon to deal with the flaw, although it’s unclear if the patch will be released before a scheduled update on October 16. The reason that the bug is making headlines is because it is present in multiple versions of Java and, as such, could potentially affect a very large number of users. The vulnerability itself can allow a malicious hacker to take control of a Mac system and install unauthorized software on it.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress.

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