Apple’s Website Leaks ‘iPhone 5′ Name And LTE Capabilities

The Apple website has apparently leaked the fact that the new iPhone which will shortly be announced at the Apple media event in San Francisco, will actually be called the iPhone 5 and will also have 4G LTE capabilities. The discovery was made by 9to5Mac who spotted a couple of new webpages using the Apple website search engine. The new pages come up when the phrase ‘iPhone 5′ is typed into the search engine field, revealing iPhone 5 tips pages and descriptors for an iPhone 5 with 4G LTE capability.

The pages themselves are not yet live, but it expected that once Apple announces the new devices, the hyperlinks will be added into the search engine and the pages will go live on the Apple site. Until now, the name of the new iPhone had only been thought to be the iPhone 5, due in no small part to the less than subtle hint that was found on the invitations to the Apple media event.

Additionally, while the presence of 4G LTE in the new iPhone had certainly been rumored in the weeks and months leading up to the event, it is only now that references have been made to the possibility on Apple’s website, lending further credence to the belief that the new device will indeed be compatible with LTE networks.

All will be revealed in mere hours.

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