Stand-Alone YouTube App For iOS Devices Now On App Store

Google, owners of YouTube, have released a stand alone app for iOS devices that is available on the iOS App Store now. The release of the app follows on from Apple removing the native YouTube app that is included on all iOS devices from iOS 6, the next version of the iOS operating system that is currently in Developer testing. The new app is free of charge and is for the iPhone only at the moment, but an iPad supported version will likely be released in the very near future as well.

The new app has several new features including the support of more videos than the previous version, together with the ability to find videos easier through the use of voice search and intelligent Autocomplete. The app also offers the ability to subscribe to channels, manage settings such as subtitles, and allows easy sharing of videos through social networking sites.

With the iPhone 5 expected to be announced at the Apple event tomorrow, the release of iOS 6 is imminent and the new YouTube app will likely be downloaded millions of times in the coming days as iOS device users upgrade to the new operating system and lose the native YouTube app. The new app itself seems to work a little quicker than the previous version, although the main drawback, for viewers at least, seems to be that ads are now supported in the app, whereas previously videos were ad-free. This is obviously good for publishers however.

You can find the app free on the App Store now.

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