New iMac Models Are Coming Soon

Backing up our report last week which indicated that new model iMacs would be arriving within the coming weeks, Clayton Morris of (via MacRumors) is suggesting that an update to the iMac line-up is imminent. According to Morris, multiple sources have revealed to him that an update to the iMac is on the cards and that it will be arriving imminently. This aligns with what we were told last week, indicating that the iMac would be receiving a refresh very soon.

The iMac has been experiencing shortages in a number of retailers and our sources tell us that third party retailers such as Amazon are extremely short of stock and are expecting a new line within two weeks. The pricing of the new updated models is not expected to change dramatically, which tends to indicate that Apple will not be including a Retina Display with the new iMac models, a feature which would be expected to increase the price substantially, going by the recent Retina-enabled MacBook Pro release.

We expect the new iMac to be released around the time of the Apple iPhone 5 event due to be held on September 12th. Hopefully,this is accurate, as the iMac is certainly due to receive an update to the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processor architecture.

Sadly, Morris doesn’t give any details on the update or even where his sources stem from.  Wonder if he got it here?


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