Apple iPhone 5 Event Is Actually Announced

As reported by The Loop, Apple yesterday issued media invitations for an event on September 12 at which the company is expected to launch the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm UK. The media invites were issued with the tagline ‘It’s Almost Here’ and simply show the number ’12’, but with a shadow that looks like the number ‘5’, suggesting that the new iPhone will indeed be the iPhone 5. The event is also expected to showcase the launch of a 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro, as well as new models of the iMac, together with entirely new iPod models.

While the subject of the name of the next iPhone had been the center of a great amount of debate, the tantalizingly designed invitation suggests that the name ‘iPhone 5′ is certainly the most likely, whereas as others such as ‘new iPhone’ or ‘iPhone 6′ (since this is the 6th generation iPhone), don’t appear to be on the cards. Of course, a more cynical person could suggest that this ‘5’ reflection is simply to throw some people off the scent, particularly given the amount of column inches that have been focused on the highly anticipated device, but you wouldn’t put it past Apple to have a little fun.

One would also hope that it doesn’t reflect the number of hours of battery life that you’ll get with the new LTE compatible device.


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