Rumor: Awesome Redesigned Earphones For The New iPhone 5

A new report is suggesting that Apple has completely redesigned the style of earphones that it ships with mobile devices, and that they will initially be shipping the new style with the iPhone 5. According to Vietnamese news site, the new earphones (pictured above) sport an amazing new design that is pretty far removed from the existing earphones that are supplied with devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch (via MacRumors). According to the site, the new earphones are much smaller than the existing Apple earphones, with a completely integrated enclosure.

The new earphones are apparently being manufactured in a Foxconn factory Vietnam, which is probably why the site was first to report them. They replace the existing white Apple earphones that have shipped with iPhones and iPods since launch. The existing design of earphones has been used by Apple since 2008, but now it seems that the company is updating this design. Apple also offers their own design of premium earphones for $79, (reviewed here), which are a highly recommended purchase.

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  • czarembo

    Apple has had pretty crappy earphones. I hope these actually work. Ill fitting earphones, although they may be quality, remain useless if they don’t remain in place. Apple’s have never have fit my ears, perhaps these will?

  • Jurassic

    Very smart design! (I’ll bet others will be copying it soon ;-)

    An earbud that fits snugly in your ear, instead of the current one that sits loosely on the outside. And a speaker that faces forward, directly into your ear canal, for clear sound… great idea!

    Can’t wait to try these out. From the new design, it looks like these will be more comfortable to wear, less likely to fall out, and have better sound than the current mediocre ear buds.

    • roby

      Nice comment! So much of the Internet and comments on forums and other comments are negative or disagreements, so I thought I’d pass along some accolades. You summarized the key benefits of the expected new design well! Thanks!