New iMac Model Shows Up In Online Benchmark Testing

Following on from our report yesterday regarding possible new iMac models in the coming weeks, a new, and unreleased iMac has appeared in Geekbench benchmarks. The new iMac, with the model designated as iMac13,2 appeared yesterday showing a Geekbench score of 12,405. The new model appeared to be equipped with a quad core Intel i7-3770K clocked at 3.5 GHz, which is one of the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

A similar model of iMac with more memory also showed up in late July with a score of 13,405, but this model was equipped with 16GB RAM, whereas the model that was tested yesterday had 8GB RAM. The new iMac13,2 benchmark was also conducted on an iMac running OS X 10.8.1, the latest public release of Mountain Lion, whereas the previous benchmark was conducted on a machine running OS X Lion 10.7.4. One other difference was the memory clock speed, with the memory on the latest benchmark running at 1333MHz compared to the previous benchmark which showed memory at 1600 MHz.

The new benchmarks show an iMac that offers substantial performance and speed improvements over the current generation of Sandy Bridge equipped iMac models. While Apple has not yet announced a release date for any new iMac models, major stock shortages of iMac models across third party retailers could suggest that new iMacs will soon be released.


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  • annoyed.

    ummmm yea. no release yesterday.


  • Phil Davis

    most people use their mac for internet use and email…this “new” product will NOT change much for 80% of users. Its a horsepower race with no end and for no reason.

    • Dan

      Shut up

  • Fred Harber

    Probably a Hackintosh. But hell wouldn’t we all appreciate a new Mac with an unlocked processor. I dunno what’s going on with Apple anymore. Everything seems to be moving at a snails pace. Yet tech moves at lightning speed. Apple needs to move faster to keep up. I am getting tired of hearing about everything NEW from the mouths of other companies.

    • Really?

      What is a “locked” processor? Are you just spewing FUD, or do you honestly not realize that anyone can run anything they like on their Mac?

      • dufusdeldia

        A Locked Processor is set up such that the User cannot alter the clock speed. An Unlocked Processor is configurable for Overclocking. Overclocking can be dangerous, as the CPU could run hotter than spec if extraordinary cooling precautions are not taken.

        • dufusdeldia

          When I render video, all 8 Virtual Cores on my i7 peg the meter, and the fans run like crazy. The temperature of the air coming out of the exhaust slot on the back goes from 110º to 130º until it finishes. That’s without overclocking…

      • dufusdeldia

        So, yeah, you’ll get a Performance Boost if you kick up the clock speed by 10% or 30%, but your fans will sound like a hovercraft, and the solder will melt off your motherboard…

  • Ben

    could easily be a hackintosh. Why would apple put an unlocked processor in one of there machines when there is a normal i7-3770?

    • JimD

      Test model, maybe?

  • Mick


  • scrub175

    Hopefully this means a new iMac soon.