Rumor: New iMac ‘Within Two Weeks’ (Updated)

Last week, we reported that some third party retailers were experiencing significant stock shortages of some iMac models and that this was a rather interesting time to be experiencing them, particularly on the run-up to an Apple event. Now, with other models going out of stock, we’ve done a little more digging and, according to one of of sources, Amazon is not expecting any more stock of the 27 inch iMac for approximately two weeks.  This falls right into the time period of the Apple Event that is expected to be held on September 12 to introduce the new iPhone.

Our source was careful to say that they had not heard anything detailed about a new iMac, just that new stock wasn’t anticipated until at least the second week in September, and that it would be devices with new model designators, rather than the October 2011 versions of the iMac. We tried to confirm this with other retailers who were suffering iMac stock shortages, such as Best Buy, who aren’t selling the 27 inch model of the iMac online at the moment, and J&R who are also experiencing major shortages, but they weren’t able to tell us when they were expecting a new delivery.

So if you are planning on purchasing an iMac in the next week or so, you might want to wait a few days. New iMac models have already shown up in Geekbench benchmarks with new Ivy Bridge processors, so we are hoping that the stock change that our source is referring to is this model.

We’ve marked this ‘Rumor’ since no details have been offered on the new line-up, but our source has been accurate in the past with some major stock shortages.

Update: Doesn’t look like there’s going to be a big change in price compared to current Mac models, so the new models are unlikely to incorporate Retina Display.  Be aware, however, this assumption is only based on price, not specification.


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  • Richard Austin

    I think that anyone publishing a story on an iMac launch being imminent clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Variations on the same theme have been floating around various blogs and sites for months now pandering the same rumours and speculation and calling it “inside sources”. You just need to look at the launch history of the iMac over the last 4 years to see that there is no rhyme or reason to the launch dates… at least not anymore. Apple always used to launch new desktops after or around the WWDC. In the past several years, this has changed to a sporadic trail of launches which you have more luck picking lottery numbers than planned iMac release dates.

  • Techchase101

    I don’t care if it doesn’t have a retina display. I’d rather have the same price piont. The led backlit screens are nice

  • iMac

    There is no October 2011 iMac.

  • Shooter Hates You

    I will die with all these speculations ): I never experienced the need of changing my Mac so bad and I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the new iMacs to come out.

    I don’t really believe there will be a retina display version, that makes me hope for an early relase.

  • bregalad

    If there’s nothing changing except the CPU and GPU then why wait until September? All the necessary components for an energy saving and performance enhancing refresh were available back in May when the current iMac had its first birthday.
    I’m shocked that Apple continued to ship a Snow Leopard compatible iMac through the entire Lion era. Apple usually forces people onto the latest OS at the earliest possible moment.
    I know that Ivy Bridge and a new graphic chip won’t be a big upgrade, but not refreshing a product for 16 months says “we don’t care about the customers for this product” in 10m high neon lights.
    I don’t know about other desktop Mac customers, but I do not consider a MacBook Pro and external display to be an acceptable alternative.

    • Moo

      CPU, perhaps not, but the GPU is expected to double in performance, when you compare the current 6970M to the Nvidia 680M. That’s HUGE for anyone doing gpu-accelerated processing or gaming.