Stock Shortages Of 27 Inch iMac Models In Several US Retailers Ahead Of Apple Event

The iMac, particularly the 27 inch model, is the subject of stock shortages in several major US retailers and, as such, could be in line to receive a refresh at the upcoming Apple event. We have been told that retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and J&R are experiencing shortages, particularly in the high end 27 inch 3.1 GHz model. For instance, Best Buy in particular is completely out of stock of the 27 inch 3.1 GHz model, both online and in retail stores, and gives no indication of when it will be back in stock.

The same story is true at J&R and Amazon. J&R, a major Apple reseller, are completely out of stock of the high end 27 inch model and Amazon is out of stock of the lower end 27 inch model, and has very low stock of the high end 27 inch model. Why all of these stock shortages are only affecting the 27 inch model is unclear.

The shortage follows on from reports a couple of months ago that benchmarking tests had revealed an as-yet-unreleased iMac model, coded 13,2 which was running an Intel Core i7-3770 (Ivy Bridge) 3.4 GHz quad core processor and 1600MHz RAM. The current iMac models run 1333MHz RAM and still run Intel Sandy Bridge processor families, the predecessor to Ivy Bridge. In addition, it had been rumored recently that Apple was planning to bring Retina Display to the iMac, with new models incorporating new screen technologies expected to launch this Fall.

While this may just be a blip, the iMac has not been updated in over a year.  That said, we are only days away from an Apple event, and therefore, hopes are high for some new iMac models, with Retina Display and Ivy Bridge processors.

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