iPod Nano Stocks Getting Low; Refresh Coming?

A number of stock shortages are apparently hitting third party retailers of the iPod nano, prompting rumors of a refresh, ahead of the Apple event that is throught to be scheduled for September 12( via 9to5Mac).  The stock shortages are affecting three of the largest third party retailers in the USA. Retailers Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart are apparently out of stock of a number of models of the iPod nano, either suggesting that deliveries will take some time, or that products are out of stock.  Amazon.co.uk is also running a little short of iPod nano stock.

Shortages like these, particularly in third party retailers, can sometimes provide a good indication of when Apple is going to update a particular product. Shortages of various Mac models have been reported in the past when Apple has been preparing to launch new models and the iPod line-up is no different.

While it’s not confirmation of a launch of a new iPod, it’s certainly an interesting observation.  The Apple Store is not yet seeing any stock shortages so it may just be a blip in supply.


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